Best Blender 2019


How do you choose the best blender out there ?

Stand blenders (also called counter-top blenders) are the common type of blenders that come with a blending jar or a jug.

These blenders are usually more functional as they are better are making smoothies, crushing ice (with a special ice crushing blade) and more. However they are usually not portable and are large in size. Also they are generally expensive than hand blenders.

Handheld blenders (also called stick or immersion blenders) on the other hand are blenders with a rotating blade at the stick end they are usually used for light blending and for small batches of blending.

Recently some cordless models of Hand blenders are getting popular which adds convenience and easiness for users. These blenders though have limited functionality and are not ideal for large batches of food processing.

Is the blender reliable and tough enough to resist leakage and breakage? – If you are going to crush hard substances you need to look for a blender that is tough enough to resist breakage and leakage.

The blender you are looking for must be at least 500 watts and you must also look for a special ice crushing blade with it. Vitamix 5200 and Euro Pro Ninja NJ600 are great examples of the type of blender you need to purchase in order to crush ice into powdery snow.

Is the blender complex and complicated to use? – Most people will prefer an easy-to-use blender. There should be a few reasonable amount of speed controls. More speed controls are not necessarily better and up to 3 different speeds are more than enough.

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